2011 Suzuki Alto
2011 Suzuki Alto @ R3230 per month plus Deposit of R10 000 incl 2000km per month – 73 months


2012/2013/2014 Suzuki Alto
2012/2013/2014 Suzuki Alto @ R3910 per month plus Deposit of R10 000 incl 2000km per month – 73 months






Nissan Hardbody NP300
Nissan Hardbody NP300 @ R5350 per month (2011 Models) Deposit of R 15 000 – 73 Months – incl 2000km per month
Nissan Hardbody K38
Nissan Hardbody K38 @ R5850 per month (2012/2013 Models) Deposit of R 15 000 – 73 months – incl 2000km per month
2011/2012/2013/2014 VW Polo Vivo Sedan
2011/2012/2013/2014 VW Polo Vivo Sedan @ R 4900 per month plus Deposit of R15 000- incl. 2000km per month – 73 months


2014 VW Polo vivo Sedan 1.4 auto
AUTOMATIC-2014 VW Polo vivo Sedan 1.4 auto – @ R5350 per month plus Deposit of R18000- incl 2000kms – 73 months

ANY CAR OF YOUR CHOICE can be arranged as per your specs but only after you have completed 7 months on this type of contract so that we have established a relationship, thereafter, new contract will start with 20% of the new retail price OF YOUR CHOICE OF CAR / SPECS/ EXTRAS as deposit, and term will be decided subject to your preferred monthly payment/ affordability. (Brand new OR a car from our fleet)
This is a long term rental contract and as a rental contract it is totally different from a HP or SALE contract.
With a sale/hp, the bank/ finance company will charge you less overall on the entire term than we do, however the bank / finance company will screen you subject to NCA regulations, which include checking your credit history, credit score, credit exposure and affordability.

1. With our long terms rental contract, all of this is unnecessary as the contract is month to month and being a rental, is not subjected to NCA regulations as it is not a credit agreement due to all payments being made upfront at the beginning of each monthly cycle.
With a sale / hp contract, you must either complete the entire terms or settle the bank in full, or find another bank approved buyer to purchase the vehicle if you wish to cancel the contract early for any reason.

2. With our long term rental contract, we have a option to cancel the contract at any point in time and for any reason subject to simple clear terms and conditions, which gives you incredible flexibility if you wish to upgrade or downgrade the vehicle, relocate or if your financial position changes or if you simply do not want / need the car anymore.
With a sale/ hp, all maintenance, tyres, wear n tear are excluded from the finance contract and are entirely your cost and responsibility.

3. With our long term rental contract, we bring a new dimension to vehicle usage as we include a full maintenance service as part of the contract, so that you simply turn the key and drive hassle free, maintenance free, costs free and worry free in respect of all services and maintenance including tyres, brakes, clutch, oils, consumables and all mechanical and wear n tear elements of vehicle usage, (excl any damages and excl insurance)

4. With conventional bank finance, you must settle the car completely before you can change it, however with our long term rental you have the option to upgrade or downgrade and carry forward your deposit, subject to being a client for more than 6 months, and subject to you having 20% of the cash value of the new choice as a deposit, term will re-start and monthly rental will be re-negotiated.

5. With the long term rental contract, companies have the additional benefits of this vehicle not being shown as a debt on the balance sheet/financials as well as having the entire rental amount on the income statement as an expense, this reducing profit and therefore tax payable, indirectly, this means that almost half the entire amount is paid for in tax savings you gain.
These are the 5 main differences between our long term rental and the conventional bank finance / sale / hp structure; however, as explained briefly, there are significant and important differences which are advantageous to you.
The most significant advantage is the unparalleled level of flexibility you can obtain which will be tailored as per your preferences. please do call us to request and discuss any special needs that you may have in regards to the vehicle or the terms and conditions and structure of the contract.

Inclusive OF 2000km and full maintenance incl service, tyres and all wear n tear items. just turn the key and drive for the period  the car will be yours, subject to all our terms and conditions and EXCL Insurance/ Damages.
Every R5000 more on deposit will decrease monthly amount by R150 or 2 months less on the terms.
So although you do pay more overall, there are significant advantages to you as well.

Otherwise you are welcome to go on a week by week contract at ONLY R99-00 per day. On selected models(subject to availability)

Documentation Required:

  1. ID/ Passport
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Latest Proof of Residential Address
  4. Latest Proof of Employment
  5. Latest Bank Statement / Official Proof of Bank Details


For vehicles out of Durban kindly forward us the following information and we shall quote you accordingly:

  1. Date for collection of Vehicle
  2. Date for Return of Vehicle
  3. Area vehicle required in
  4. Vehicle type/s interested in

Please contact us should you require any further information OR for a tailor-made package.
031-2084826 / 082 742 9975

BLACKLISTED – NEED A CAR but can’t get vehicle finance?

We will get you mobile with our fleet of pre-owned quality cars. No credit checks required. Are you credit blacklisted? Your past credit history will adversely affect your ability to get traditional finance for a car, but through our unique model we will get you behind the wheel and driving within 24hours – GUARANTEED!

We will not only help you get mobile and rehabilitate your credit rating but stay with us and we GUARANTEE that you will own the car you choose even if you are blacklisted. We have a fleet of vehicles to suit the needs of blacklisted persons across the board.

Blacklisted? Finance Problems? We will get you mobile Your bad credit history can disadvantage you when you try to finance a car. The truth is one in four people in South Africa are credit blacklisted so being on the ITC blacklist is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t despair! Vrentals has the solution to your blacklisted difficulties because we don’t run credit checks on our clients. Simply meet the basic requirements and we will have you on the road.

While you rehabilitate your blacklisted credit record, we help you buy the car of your choice. In addition to this we offer you value for your money so that you get a whole lot more than what you may have expected. Further, the longer you stay with us, the more we reward you with our unique cash back bonus scheme.

Interested? Send us your details and we will call you back.